Jarre at Alcalá: The Chronicle.

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Since last Tuesday, November 6, Jean Michel Jarre already is part of the distinguished group of artists and humanists who make up the University Council of the Arts, whose contributions to culture and society are being recognized since 1996 by the University of Alcalá de Henares (UAH) and the Society of Performers (IEA). They were also awarded the same honour the film director Alan Parker, the writer Antonio Gala, the singer Ana Belen, the actor José Sacristán  and the President of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Francis Gurry.
At the ceremony attended as prominent reporter of Fairlight Jarre our colleague David Muñoz Lopez, who recorded so exhaustive documentary and event not only institutional, but everything that surrounded it. This is his particular chronicle.

I arrive at the venue well in advance and with some cold I go into a reserved area of ​​the university complex. Oh! Who will say that I find there? JEAN MICHEL JARRE talks animatedly with his assistant, LOUIS HALLONET, a real nice guy who taking care of his “boss” even in the smallest details. There are hardly any people around. I go to both and I identify as FAIRLIGHT JARRE representative at the event. Jean Michel’s face lights up and gives me the first hug of the day. He shos so lovely, very friendly and talkative, so I start my work…
FAIRLIGHT JARRE (FJ): JEAN MICHEL Mind you ask a few questions for our website?
Jean Michel Jarre (JMJ): Not at all, man.
FJ: There is a first question that interests us all your fans. When will your next album? Lately has spoken several times on this issue and we are impatient to know something.
JMJ: (Silence … Look at LOUIS … More silence … he looks to me … Smile … Smile more … and he gives me the second hug of the day) Next question?
(Okay, I get the “innuendo”, if I continue on this path will close his mouth, but I saw in his eyes that soon we’ll going to have news)
FJ: (I show a photo which we did in Santiago de Compostela in July 2010 and took the opportunity to comment on any aspect of the concerts offered in Spain) I am interested about he enjoyed the most on that concert.
JMJ: I always enjoy greatly concerts and visits to your country. The audience is very “warm” and enthusiastic. The concert at the Cathedral of Santiago was a unique experience for the characteristics of the environment.
FJ: There was unfinished business for years with Madrid, as a result of the cancellation of the concert in 1993 (I show my ticket to an amazed JARRE).
JMJ: Yes. But at last “fix” it in 2008.
FJ: You could “fix” even further with another concert in the future. Could it be?
JMJ: Maybe. Even here in Alcalá de Henares (laughs).
Begins to reach more people. See for example Ana Belén with her husband the singer Victor Manuel, José Sacristán, Luis Cobos, Nacho Garcñia Vega, Paloma San Basilio … I do a little pause in the interview for him to sign a photo and a couple of albums (“The Concerts in China “and” Aero “). JEAN MICHEL ask me my name and he kindly dedicated and signed all three items.
Totally surreal: For a while, while signing the “Aero”, we speak of “sound amazing 5.1” (exact words JARRE). I’m about to tell him again about the new album, but I didn’t feel ok to question him about that issue agian.
JMJ: You live in Alcalá and Madrid?
FJ: In Madrid (what happens here? Now is Jarre making an interview to me?).
Luis Cobos approaches. You have to end the interview. The photo shoot will start shortly.
FJ: You know the fan meeting held annually in our country? Do you know that this year was in Benicarló attended by Dominique Perrier?
JMJ: I’m aware. It is an honor to have fans like you.
Now, they take …
FJ: We see now.
JMJ: Ok.
I laughed a lot with the photocall experience: Photographers are nervous, they yell and scream to the winners to look both ways. Suddenly one comes forward and others are about to lynch him. I think JARRE also finds it “quaint” and decides to immortalize the scene
In his speech Jarre  acknowledged that Spain has always been a source of inspiration in his work as a composer and performer: “Spanish literature, Spanish paintings and Spanish women have been very important to me.” He has also encouraged young Spanish, and Spain as a country, in this time of crisis and uncertainty.
(In this link you can hear the full speech JARRE in the auditorium of the University of Alcalá. Author of the video: KAROLINA-Mee-Vient)
Now more relaxed, after receiving his award, Jean Michel listens to the speech of the last winner, Antonio Gala.
At this point of the day I am already unleashed and I go and I talk LOUIS JARRE and without the slightest trouble. I show even a homemade discs, recorded by me and commented something about the tracklist. At this point Jarre ask me my favorite trackand I pointed humming to Jarre the hotes of “Oxygene 6”. More laughs … also I told him the shows I’ve attended and exchanged some anecdote about Gdansk (2005) and Monaco (2011).
Waiters and waitresses begin walking with trays of drinks and various delicacies. I return to JEAN MICHEL group, which by then already eating jamón serrano. I follow his example, while I go back to congratulate him on the award.

Time to say goodbye to Jean Michel and Louis. I thank them for their kindness and hope seeing them in another ocasion.

It was an unforgettable day. Never in my wildest dreams could think that Jean Michel Jarre was so friendly and approachable, and I have certainly clear that the situation has helped it.
I come home floating, do not need the car this time …
Failight Jarre wants to thank to  Olga García and Maria José (Department Press UAH)  for the information provided and to help us for being present in this event. Also, and especially, to David Muñoz for covering this information exclusively for the entire community of JARRE fans worldwide.
All photographs by David Muñoz Lopez to Fairlight Jarre. Permission for non-profit use, prior acknowledgment of source and author. More photos here.

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Sam Benzo (Samuel Hobo) New Album

Writing by zopa on Tuesday, 24 of July , 2012 at 11:37 am

Sam Benzo, who collaborated with Jean Michel Jarre in the past under the name of Samuel Hobo, has released a new album, called Ooch – Dreamcatcher. You can purchase it in iTunes and this is the video of one of the songs: Streetlights.

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Perrier’s Space Art, Remastered

Writing by zopa on Monday, 7 of December , 2009 at 3:31 pm

The remastered version of the ancient Dominique Perrier‘s album, Space Art, is already on sale via Czen Prod.

This record, originally launched in 1977, has been remastered by Patrick Pelamourges. To the original tracklist, two bonus tracks has been added.

The record could be ordered at the Czen Prod web site. The price is 15 € + shipping costs.

This is the tracklist:
-Naissance De Cassiopée
-Ode A Clavius
-Laser En Novembre

Bonus tracks:
– Psychosomatic
– Dyacar Onyx Remix

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EXCLUSIVE Video: Jarre Introduces The XII Rendez Vous in Spain

Writing by zopa on Saturday, 19 of September , 2009 at 6:41 pm

Due to the celebration of the XII Rendez Vous in Spain (the annual spanish Jarre-fan meeting) this very weekend, Jean Michel Jarre himself has sent to Fairlight Jarre an EXCLUSIVE video greeting to the people in the convention and giving thanks to Fairlight Jarre‘s work.

This video was projected few minutes before the concert of the Rendez Vous started this very afternoon in San Fernando, Cádiz, where the Rendez Vous is being taking place.

Fairlight Jarre would like to send  huge thanks to Jean Michel Jarre and Louis Hallonet of Aero Productions for their kindness and help.

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