XVII Rendez Vous

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The XVII annual Jean Michel Jarre Convention will be celebrated in Seville next 26, 27 and 28 September 2014. The big event of this Rendez Vous will be the concert that will be staged at the Events hall, with the performances of Complexystems, Cyborgdrive, Die Stadt, Juanma 71, Tonino Drums, Xethis and Destino Plutón. In this web you have all the info about the XVII Rendez Vous.

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XVI Rendez Vous Madrid: A Big Success

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The night in Madrid was filled with electronica and electrofans. The central event of the Rendez-Vous celebrated in Madrid this very weekend was a concert featuring Tonino Drums, Javi Grex (with Icarus), Xethis and Paco Dreaming, with a full house in the Sala Buho Real, even with a large queue to access to the hall.

The long duration of the concert (three hours) did not dent the mood and atmosphere of the audience, who encouraged and applauded the artists in each of the versions of Jean Michel Jarre and in his own compositions.

The surprise of the night’s was the home made Laser Harp that Paco Dreaming used to perform Oxygene 7  for an excited crowd.

Even Jean Michel Jarre himself sent a SMS for the XVI Rendez Vous:

Hello everybody at The annual Rendez Vous…I am stuck in Dortmumd receiving the Steiger Award..! I think a lot about you all tonight ..!!

Thank you so much for your support ..!

It means a lot to me..!!

I am working on a lot of new projects for next year..

I hope you will like them..!!

Lots of love

Jean Michel Jarre


Photos: Sergio Vallinas and David Muñoz


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XV Rendez Vous Benicarló: A Total Success

Writing by zopa on Tuesday, 23 of October , 2012 at 1:33 pm

A total success. This is the conclusion drawn from the comments, impressions, photos and videos recapitulated after the celebration of the 15th  annual meetings of fans of Jean Michel Jarre organized by FAIRLIGHT JARRE: The Rendez-Vous.
This is the second Rendez held in Benicarlo, again organized by the Webmaster of FAIRLIGHT JARRE GOMIS JUAN, and had nearly fifty participants including members, musicians and organizers also attracted the public celebration of open-air concert in the Saturday night.
As in all Rendez-Vous held in previous years, the good food and the lively debates and discussions about electronic music were the focus of this meeting, as well as live music this time with the added attraction of being able to enjoy a concert ” outdoor ” with so nice weather. And that was the point of this meeting. A sign where the musical quality of the participants made the nearly three hours of live electronic music will be passed as a sigh.
He opened the concert DREAMING (Francisco Domenech), the Rendez veteran musician and renowned for its ability to recreate a perfect versions  of musicians like Kraftwerk, Azul y Negro and of course JARRE. Especially praised was the song “Moon Machine” and other DREAMING own compositions as a new preview of his work “Dreaming With Synthesis”.
We follow the Argentine XETHIS (Franco Palmetti) who had special collaborations QUIMGAGARIN (Quim Bertrán), in introducing and interpreting “Oxygene 10” with his Theremin, and JORGE Bonache guitarist of the group NO COMMENT incorporating a fantastic guitar solo on XETHIS’ music.
The third performance was that of NO COMMENT (José and Jorge Bonache) who diversified their sound between Jarrer electronics (with a cover of “Revolutions” shocking) and harmonic textures of progressive rock in addition to own pieces of the repertoire of NO COMMENT.
The closing concert and party, was played by the legendary electronic band of 70-80 years,  SPACE ART, rescued by one of its founding members, in addition to musical collaborator with Jean Michel Jarre, DOMINIQUE PERRIER. Accompanied by MICHEL VALY (bass), Alain Pype (electronic drums) and LILI LACOMBE (violin midi) PERRIER did flaunt his ease when running complex leads to their keyboards (including the legendary Arp Odyssey with whom he recorded several albums ). Those alone owes much fame as a musician live, and in the collective memory is JARRE fans who ran on “Magnetic Fields 2” concerts in China in 1981.
SPACE ART’s performance found their summits in the opening moments of “Stone Art”, with the warm sound of “Onyx” (first single from the album in 1976 sold over 2 million records ) and with the party that accompanied “Space Chicken”, with the musicians playing in the audience the sky colored by fireworks. This concert in Spain Benicarlo-exclusive-is part of a promotional tour that is taking them to several European countries.
The XV Rendez Vous  would officially concluded with community lunch held on Sunday at Hotel Rosi, during which attendees had the chance to chat with some members of SPACE ART  and be signed recently released the album “Space Art Tribute” published by the label CZEN PROD. and available for sale through his website.
Two weeks after this Rendez, memories and testimonials, photographs and videos of participants Benicarló soar this quote in one of the most successful meetings, with greater impact on the local media and regional, but especially by the index satisfaction awarded by the audience.

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XV Rendez-Vous in Benicarló

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While tuck down the stretch in the preparations of the XV Rendez-Vous which this year takes place in the town of Benicarló, Castellón, whose organizer is our friend and webmaster Juan Gomis, begin to appear in the press the first reviews of this annual meeting of fans of Jean Michel Jarre. In this case the local online newspaper Benicarló Al Día detailing the strengths of this meeting, which this fifteenth edition becomes more international than ever, to get attendees from many countries in Europe and even Latin America. The Rendez-Vous of Benicarló will close this year with a great concert: The performance of Dominique Perrier who along with his band will offer a musical tribute to the legendary French electronic music band Space Art.

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Fairlight Jarre Musicians in Future Music Magazine

Writing by zopa on Monday, 30 of January , 2012 at 2:52 pm

Many of the musicians of our Forum are featured in the February number of Future Music magazine, in its spanish edition.  The magazine contains a CD with 16 compositions of our musicians, with additional infos as gear used on every track. The musicians featured in the CD are:









– G.R.O.K.








From Fairlight Jarre we would like to thank to all these musicians for their hard work and great creativity, and a big thanks to Juanma71 (impulsor of the project) and the Future Music magazine team.


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Rendez-Vous 2011 in Ciudad Real

Writing by zopa on Wednesday, 2 of February , 2011 at 8:01 am

The XIV edition of the Rendez-Vous (annual meeting of Jean Michel Jarre fans arranged by Fairlight Jarre) will be held in the spanish city of Ciudad Real. The Rendez-Vous will be probably held in the month of September.

We’ll keep you informed about the final date and events for the Rendez-Vous 2011 in Ciudad Real.

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XIII Rendez-Vous: Alicante

Writing by zopa on Friday, 3 of September , 2010 at 6:54 pm

The XIII edition of the Rendez-Vous (annual convention of Jean Michel Jarre fans organized by Farilight Jarre) will take place in Alicante on September 10, 11 & 12, 2010. As every year, some musicians of Fairlight Jarre forum will perform in a concert playing their own songs and Jean Michel Jarre’s covers aswell.

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Electronic Tour 4, available now

Writing by zopa on Monday, 22 of March , 2010 at 10:52 am

The musicians of Fairlight Jarre Forum have created all together the fourth volume of the Electronic Tour series. Electronic Tour 4 is a double CD with 21 inedit tracks of electronic music. You can download it for free, and without login’s, in the following sites:



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Fjarre Music Station

Writing by zopa on Thursday, 16 of October , 2008 at 8:12 am

(Click image to enter in the Musical Station)

On Fairlight Jarre we have inaugurated a new musical station called Fjarre Music Station where you can listen many compositions and versions created by the great musicians of our Forum. We hope that you will enjoy with their music.

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Rendez Vous 2008: The Rendez Vous in the Media

Writing by zopa on Tuesday, 16 of September , 2008 at 2:12 pm

The forthcoming Rendez Vous, the anual meeting of spanish Jean Michel Jarre fans, that will take place from 18 to 21th September 2008 in Tenerife, is having heavy presence in the media.

The Día newspaper, the most successful newspaper in Tenerife, has published an article about the Rendez Vous 2008 both in their web and in its paper edition, as you can see here…

… making a reference in the article to our web (http://jeanmicheljarre.es/) and to our Forum where all this event is being coordinated and arranged   (www.jeanmicheljarre.es/foro).

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